Orthopedic products Sales Manager ( Malaysia / Nigeria / Kazakhstan)


1.Junior college degree or above, 25-35 years old, majoring in clinical medicine, orthopedics, nursing, biopharmaceutical, marketing or other related majors are the best.

2.More than 3 years of experience as a salesperson for orthopedic consumables agents, or more than 2 years of sales experience in orthopedic consumables manufacturers; Familiar with orthopedic products, the market situation in the corresponding area, and local hospitals.

3.Serious and responsible for work, with the following abilities: strong initiative, good team work ability, learning ability, interpersonal skills and time management ability

Once hired, our company will provide you pre-job professional training and a good development platform!

Working experience in manufacturers or agents of Johnson & Johnson, Smith Nephew, Medtronic, Stryker, Zimmer is preferred;

Note: Please do not submit your resume, if you do not meet the above requirements, as not to waste your precious time. Thank you for your cooperation!



1.Responsible for the development of new channels for orthopedics products.

2.Maintain the good business relationship between existing dealers, ensure the delivery of orders, and increase sales.

3.Dedicated to clinical promotion to make more clinical recognition of Double Medical products.

4. Follow up the usage of the product; answer questions about the product raised by customers or doctors, and improve technical services.

5. According to the new product project requirements proposed by customers, cooperate with other departments to follow it up and to achieve new product sales.

6.Participate in the production of international marketing materials, preparation and compilation of product registration materials, and sales data analysis, etc.

7.Complete other tasks assigned by the superior.


Please send your resume to our email address:, we will respond to you within two working days.

Double Medical website:

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